Paul Prasser: Amazing Real Life Cancer Cures

Paul Prasser, United Kingdom

Both my daughter and my step-daughter have been cured from terminal cancer by a non-invasive treatment that seems miraculous but in fact is based on common sense and basic research supported by practical experience.

This is a factual account of experiences, within my immediate family, using a basic method of treating cancer that has proved to be amazingly effective. It saved the life of my daughter diagnosed with terminal cancer and now over 8 years later it has done the same for my step-daughter and our pet dog. In addition it removed persistent skin cancers from other members of my family. It describes a non-invasive and non-harmful treatment that can give rapid and near miraculous recovery. Supporting research is described with many links supporting this, its effectiveness and details of treatment. Chapter 1 was written at the end of 2006, and Chapter 2 will be the first hand story by my step daughter. She started with multiple cancer tumours all through her body in June 2008. She was too ill for chemotherapy and surgery was out of the question; the radical diet change, vitamin infusion treatment immediately helped her and 5 months later she has returned to work.

STOP PRESS ( Jan 2009) My step daughter’s second total body scan after five months treatment and change in diet shows ALL THE TUMOURS HAVE GONE EVEN THE ONES IN HER LUNGS. All her tissues are normal and healthy. It’s fantastic!!!

Chapter 1: Outlawed cancer treatment cures terminally ill family members

For those fearing or suffering from cancer this could be great news for you.

Shep, our 13 year-old border collie, and faithful companion for many years lay in my arms totally sick and almost unable to move.

The vet told us he had probably got throat cancer and had only a 50/50 chance of surviving the anaesthetic for a biopsy to check. Shep was choking, had ulcers in his mouth, was bringing up yellow bile, dribbling all the time, could hardly stand, had lost 4kgs, his coat and eyes were dull and he couldn’t eat. He had not been totally fit for some time but we put this down to old age. But, these new symptoms came on very suddenly – within three days. The vet gave him cortisone and an antibiotic, which helped him eat for a couple of days but he continued to decline. I said to my wife ‘let’s try the treatment which cured the cancers in both of our daughters. He is so far gone we couldn’t do any more harm’.

Eight years previously, my daughter had contracted ovarian cancer. After an initial course of chemotherapy the cancer returned and she was told that it was now in an inoperable position. The continued chemotherapy was damaging her health to the condition of a wheelchair patient. However by a miracle of fate, for which we will be forever thankful, when my daughter rang to tell us the terrible news, we had a complete stranger in the house doing market research. She told us that she, too, had cancer and was using an alternative method of treatment. Needless to say, we followed this up and, as a consequence, my daughter is alive and well today. The treatment by total contrast immediately started to bring back her health and vitality. This treatment consisted of a radical change in diet and vitamin infusions plus vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid.

More recently, my step- daughter was confirmed with breast cancer. We encouraged her to change her diet and take vitamin B17 in the form of apricot kernels. Ten days later, when she returned to the specialist in order to arrange for an operation, he seemed quite put out that the cancer had quite disappeared.

Last year I had had an itchy growth for nearly a year on the side of my head. The doctor thought it might be a wart and that I should arrange with the specialist to have it removed. I decided to try the alternative diet additives instead – guess what? In less than 10 days it had completely disappeared.

These cases had encouraged us to research alternative cancer treatments and now we decided to try the diet part of the treatment on our pet, Shep. We gave him the treatment in a chicken/vegetable soup with ground up antibiotic and cortisone three times a day. After the first day he was more alert, head up, eyes brightening. The second day he asked for a short walk. The choking and vomiting of saliva and bile had reduced and he even asked for seconds of soup. The pain and the ulcers had obviously gone. By the fourth day he walked for 40 minutes with only a little choking and no vomiting. He was tired and slept in front of the fire or in the sun but was eating solid chicken in the soup and crunching biscuits again. The body and throat swellings were softening and reducing in size. He was regaining weight, coat shiny, head and tail up, and a spring back in his step. Ten days after the biopsy we had the official report that he had the most virulent and fast acting form of cancer and in an inoperable place. The prognosis was two or three weeks of deteriorating health – from the date of the biopsy – before the end. In fact, he had regained his lost 4kgs, treed a cat in the garden and insisted on his usual 45 minute daily walk. Even his hearing, which he had lost the year before started to return.

Very recently my sister in law and her husband came to stay for a couple of weeks. She was worried about a large non-healing weepy growth on her earlobe and another patch on her leg. She had had these for about three years. Her doctor had dismissed the place on her leg but had recently surgically removed the growth on her ear, leaving a crater about a quarter of an inch in diameter. Sadly the growth had returned as badly as before. We showed her this article and she immediately followed the “Shep diet”. Surprise, surprise – within ten days the leg had healed. The ear however took ten weeks to return to normal.
What was this mysterious treatment? Where did it come from?

Well, let me explain.

I am not a doctor, but a qualified engineer. We are trained to examine problems from first principles- to find root causes and not just to treat symptoms. As I am sure you would agree, papering over the cracks when your house is falling down doesn’t take the place of some solid reinforcement of the foundations to keep the walls standing. From our earlier investigations, we had found two vital facts about cancer. These are NOT investigations subject to interpretation or statistical analysis, BUT basic, repeatable chemical reactions. A body is a highly complex mechanism, and so such clear basics are hard to find. Over 50 years ago researchers found that-
a) Vitamin B17, harmless in itself, formed cyanide and enhancing enzymes at, and only at, the site of a cancer. This then destroys the cancer and breaks down to harmless by-products.
b) Cancer cells are inherently weak and cannot exist in an alkaline environment with a pH of more than 8.
c) Vitamin C creates a highly alkaline solution at the site of a cancer.

“BINGO”. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that this could be the answer to either halting or to the long term prevention of cancer.

For those not familiar with pH values, they are simply a means of describing how acid or alkaline a substance is, with a neutral of 7. The pH of a human body must be controlled within close limits or else it dies. The healthiest diet gives a neutral or slightly alkaline situation. Unfortunately for our society, the modern western diet heads more and more into the highly acidic area which results in very high stresses on all the organs and parts of the body for it to stay alive. Consequently, our society is experiencing a catastrophic rise in nasty diseases and damaged parts.

Back to Shep, our dog. We decided to give him a diet rich in vitamin B17, vitamin C, pineapple and papaya enzyme and chelated zinc (to aid absorption). He was continuing to take a small dose of cortisone. The best source of vitamin B17 is in apricot kernels but unfortunately, the powers that be have had this harmless nut banned from sale in the UK. However, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, brown rice, lentils, linseed and sesame seed and red berries contain B17 and are not yet banned. We fed him chicken and vegetable stew with onions, carrots, leeks, red peppers, lentils and brown rice with six almonds/walnuts and the tablets/capsules finely grated on the top. This three times a day. This diet gave him all the essential items and at the same time moved his pH to a higher value. What was startling to us was such a rapid change. Needless to say, he soon got used to three meals a day and I was ‘dead legged’ if I was late or he hadn’t had enough.

This routine seems to be effective for smaller tumours (in both humans and dogs). For more serious conditions a vitamin mix infusion or direct injection is given.

What puzzles me is that all cancer patients are not routinely given this simple, cheap, pain reducing, harmless and quick acting treatment, possibly used in conjunction with conventional methods of treatment. My daughter’s initial treatment was a change in diet and intravenous infusion of vitamins.(The diet consists of mainly fruit and vegetables with no red meat, a minimum of fish and organic chicken/turkey, no dairy products and no refined wheat products. See Phillip Day’s books in the references). This, almost miraculously, made her immediately feel stronger and healthier. This was in sharp contrast with her demeanour and feelings after a chemotherapy infusion. Also it would seem sensible to advise people to eat a few nuts daily, as a preventative measure to make up for the removal by modern food processing of B17 from our normal daily diet. For some forms of cancer, this treatment seems to immediately halt the process, perhaps reduce some of the swelling and return bodily functions to normal. Of course, it will not reverse physical damage caused by damaging or invasive treatment or by deterioration caused by the cancer. However, for the cost of a few tablets and nuts, it’s worth a try. For those interested in long term survival useful statistics can be found on

These give comparisons of conventional and alternative treatments. In some cases chemotherapy gives a 5% in survival improvement above a no treatment situation, whereas, vitamin infusion can give 60% survival in terminally ill patients. I just hope that our personal experience will interest you and encourage you to obtain independent, alternative professional advice through the references below.


  1. Our experiences appear to verify the research work carried out on cancer over 70 years ago.
  2. This experience has confirmed to me that the condition of cancer seems very much like a vitamin deficiency for the following reasons:
    a) an almost immediate response to the treatment
    b) reduction in pain
    c) the very limited availability of vitamin B17 in our modern diet
    d) the removal from sale by the powers that be, of apricot kernels; the most abundant source of B17.
    The case of my sister-in-law tends to reinforce the idea that the growth in the incidence of cancer is the result of deficiencies in our diet. Her diet is healthy and largely vegetarian but it needed the small traces of essential vitamins to remove the cancers. It appears that small essential vitamins are processed out by modern production methods
  3. The addition of vitamin C, zinc, pineapple and papaya enzyme seem to be needed to help the reaction as does the change in diet to move the pH to a higher alkaline level. This diet is broadly 70%to 80% fruit and vegetable with no red meat and a minimum of fish and organic chicken/turkey, no dairy products, no products containing refined white flour. (More detail can be obtained from the references below). Exercise seems very important as we found Shep was much more alert after a long walk.
  4. This method of treatment should be used to arrest cancers and as a preventative measure.
  5. Remember, the treatment does not resurrect the damage caused by the cancer or other forms of treatment.
  6. Another intriguing scientific fact is that cancer cells are floating around the body all the time (In fact these cells can be identical to cells inside a pregnant woman). Hundreds of thousands of years ago the human species might have died out if it had not found a way of suppressing these cancer cells. By the normal natural selection process it seems to have found a solution. Unfortunately our modern society has virtually discarded the very mechanism which the human body so carefully developed – B17 and a pH neutral body.
  7. Healing commences almost immediately the new diet regime is embarked upon.

You may say that I am not an expert physician and should not discuss medical matters. However, as I explained, I see problems from a basic point of view and I have had experience with both medical and research institutions. I can therefore understand how closed communities, pressure groups and avarice can create the most ridiculous situations which can even turn the truth on its head. Kudos can come second to lives.

I expect you will be asking “why has this proven, cheaper and more effective treatment not been adopted by the cash strapped NHS?”

However, just think, has anybody got the power and authority to challenge the drug companies? Can anyone suggest that the vast edifice of trained doctors, expensive equipment and facilities, and highly expensive drugs is a sham and could be replaced by a doctor, a nurse and a bag of vitamin infusions? Is anyone in a position to suggest that the multibillion drugs industry put profit before the lives of patients?

You don’t believe this? Then why is the sale of the harmless apricot kernel banned in the UK and France? Why is vitamin treatment tolerated only outside the NHS? Even though some NHS doctors agree with the effectiveness of this treatment why are they prevented from openly recommending its use? Why is the administration of harmless vitamin infusions totally illegal in Canada whereas dangerous and highly toxic chemotherapy infusions are encouraged? Across the border in America the use of vitamins is actively encouraged. We do live in a crazy world don’t we?

The five cases mentioned above are fact. You may be told that they are just remissions, auto- suggestions or spontaneous cures. One case I could accept but not five in the same family.
Having said that, it is possible that certain types of cancer, and well-established cancers, may not be so easy to deal with.

If you are still sceptical, let me give you a few personal examples where treatment of symptoms takes the place of treatment of the root cause.

We all know about acne – the horrible zits of our youth. We are given antibiotics and other creams to smother the spots, but what is the basic problem? The body needs zinc- especially young people during puberty – so take a tablet of chelated zinc plus a handful of pumpkin seeds daily. After three days the zits disappear. Every time our son forgot, we would notice and say, “Take your zinc”. Then the zits would disappear again, just like turning a switch on and off.

Incidentally in several countries this treatment is recognised as a preventative against prostate cancer.

Here is a nice one – Hay fever. Many of us suffer from this especially if one lives in the countryside, as I do. The treatments using anti-histamines etc work but have unpleasant and dangerous side effects. What causes the problem? It is just dust and pollen falling on your face eyes and nose. Well continuously washing it off would solve the problem but it’s rather inconvenient. How about washing it from the inside? Just drink two litres of fresh clean water each day and “voila”, it washes the hay fever away. It’s a bit cheaper as well.

Let’s look at asthma. Normally this is treated by inhaling horrible steroids etc. If you go to the asthma clinic and ask the nurses what there patients have in common, some will say that all the asthmatics are shallow breathers. Nearly sixty years ago our sergeant major asked me, “Do you want me to cure your asthma, son?” Rather apprehensively I replied “Yes”. On the next cross-country run he told me to run as far as I could and then stop to recover and then run on. He then told me to repeat this process again and again. After three weeks I could run ten miles without difficulty. Sadly after forty years my asthma returned. I had lost the habit of deep breathing and also taken a liking to cows milk based products and salt laden savouries.
I must now retrain my breathing pattern or become addicted to the inhaler.

This case is interesting because both the nurses and the sergeant major could see the basic problem. One was free to treat the root cause whilst the other was restrained by the medical system to treat only the symptoms with drugs that give only short- term relief.

I remember the days when I attended Cub camps with my wife – a cub leader. The boys would arrive with bags of sweets cola drinks flavoured crisps etc. The youngsters were difficult, bored, twitchy and unable to sleep. The modern treatment is I believe “Ritalin” and other sedatives coupled with bribery of more sweets, TV or computer games. Our solution was to impound all these foods containing additives and sugars etc. In their place we supplied basic food: freshly-cooked meat, vegetables and fruit. After three days we had normal, interested and inquisitive children who were keen to help and enjoyed playing group games and learning new skills. The terrible thing was we had to repeat this process every year.

Migraine is a really debilitating complaint. My wife has suffered from it for much of her life. Conventional medication had little impact on the usual three days of torture. By accident one day when we were going sailing she discovered that if she took seasickness tablets as soon as the symptoms appeared she could avoid an attack. This incident made us look at this situation more closely and we discovered that in addition to high stress, chocolate and citrus fruits would trigger the attacks. So now attacks only happen by accident.

My hope is that all of you who suffer from cancer will take encouragement from these experiences and will take a little time to investigate alternative treatment or to use it alongside conventional treatments.

For those who are trying to avoid cancer, a handful of nuts a day, with the 80/20 alkali /acid food diet to give our bodies’ back the things we have managed to eliminate from our diet; seems an excellent idea.

There is some good news. Recently, (August 2008), apricot kernels have become available in the UK from some health food shops. It is advised not to take more than 10 in a day. If you get diarrhoea or feel unwell reduce this amount.

Suggested useful references:
“Cancer: why we’re still dying to know the truth” by Philip Day
This was the man whose talks on the subject convinced us to encourage our daughter to try alternative treatment. This and other books on sensible diet etc. can be found at

Other useful references: