New Start Nutrition (Secondary School Students)

Unit 1 – Getting the right balance

In this unit we study the history of food as well as taking a look at the role of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Unit 2 – Digestion, diets and addictions

This unit covers the digestive system, ways to promote good digestion and an overview of weight loss diets. Students can draw conclusions about the wisdom of crash diets and the reasons for comfort eating.

Unit 3 – Toxins

Students will discover the truth about food additives and substances which have a negative impact on our health.

Unit 4 – Fit to enjoy life

The aim of this unit is to motivate students to be fit and healthy, focusing on exercise, water and sleep. We take a look at the impact of electronic devices in bedrooms, and their impact on sleep.

Includes teacher’s guide, student assignment sheets, student short-answer tests, values education and recipe file. This program will be emailed to your email address on payment.

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