New Start Nutrition (Primary School Students)

Also available: New Start for Secondary Schools

The New Start Program

A health and nutrition curriculum for the primary school new_start_logo
Ages 5-12

A comprehensive, step-by-step-approach enabling your school to take on a professional approach to health and nutrition education.

A seven-year program for the whole primary school

  • Written to meet national curriculum standards
  • 21 clearly set-out units, gradually increasing in difficulty
  • Units contain objectives, ideas for classroom activities, values statements and accompanying student work sheets

The program also includes:

  • an introduction for teachers
  • an introductory Power Point presentation for students and parents
  • a collection of 55 recipes
  • a student food and fitness diary
  • a food additive decoder

The New Start Program creates a whole-school focus and involves the whole school community.

“Our primary school was chosen as the pioneer school to trial the New Start Program. We implemented health and nutrition education across the primary school for the whole of the second term, integrating the health theme with the Science and SOSE curriculum. The New Start Program provided ample teaching material and hands-on student activities. Students were motivated to take responsibility for their own health and made positive comments on healthier food choices. Parents were involved as they worked on food and fitness challenges with their children. During the term, we took advantage of the services of the Life Ed Van to complement the focus on healthy food. Our school will continue to take up the health and fitness challenge annually, making it an on-going focus.”

Mrs. Lorraine Nagayah, Lighthouse College, Keysborough, Victoria, Australia


Junior Primary

  • Choosing the best foods
  • See how we grow
  • My marvelous machine
  • Where does food come from?
  • What’s good for you?
  • Shopping for healthy food
  • Food from around the world
  • Feasts from around the world
  • Safety in the kitchen

Middle Primary

  • The taste of food
  • Planning a healthy meal
  • Let’s get fit
  • The amazing properties of fruits and vegetables
  • Classifying food plants
  • The miracle of seeds

Upper Primary

  • The problem with food
  • A balanced diet
  • The Great Temptation
  • Cultural foods
  • Body systems (1)
  • Body systems (2)

New Start health, nutrition and fitness education focuses on:

  • eating naturally prepared foods
  • importance of fruits and vegetables
  • maintaining a balanced diet
  • healthy alternatives to junk food
  • the importance of drinking water
  • the importance of exercise
  • what makes a healthy breakfast and school lunch
  • preparing a balanced meal
  • how to identify and minimize potentially harmful food additives

Fun characters, Supermax and Sniffer, guide the children through the activity sheets

super_max sniffer
About Super Max

  • full of energy
  • can run fast and leap high
  • always healthy
  • makes his own healthy food
About Sniffer

  • knows the best foods to eat
  • detects problem foods
  • reads food labels
  • makes wise judgements
  • chooses carefully

“This is so delicious, I just can’t resist it!” (coming back for seconds)

“This should be put on the canteen menu!”

Comments from Grade 6 students, Lighthouse College, Keysborough, Victoria, Australia

Activities are graduated in difficulty from 5 year olds through to 12 year olds.

Free sample unit (suitable for 5 to 6 year olds)

Free activity sheets (suitable for 5 to 6 year olds)

Recipes for classroom cooking

Tips for teachers