Australian-grown apricot kernels. The highest natural source of vitamin B17 available. Victoria, Australia
More than just organic strawberries. Another good source for apricot kernels.

This website concentrates on the help apricot kernels and vitamin B17 can give to those with cancer, and also their role in preventing cancer in the first place.
Information and testimonials on the use of vitamin B17. Also apricot kernels. Sydney, Australia
In his book, “Cancer – why we’re still dying to know the truth”, Phillip Day outlines the healing power of vitamin B17, found in the kernels of stone fruits and apple seeds.

Phillip Day’s next Australian speaking tour starts October 5th. He will be speaking on the following topics: The daily foods you’re eating which KILL; The latest on the big six diseases (heart disease, cancer etc.); the “friendly foods” you’re still eating that cause disease; the real goal behind the sinister GMO agenda; how to survive the medical system…by not needing it; the latest on vaccine dangers you’re not being told about; autoimmune disease; pharmaceutical drugs; the latest on vitamin/metabolic/lifestyle breakthroughs. Visit and find an Australian venue close to you.
Living Valley Springs Health Retreat. Great detoxification program to start you getting well fast. Queensland, Australia
Video – Five cancer reversal testimonials