Definition of Good Health

Good health is not an abstinence of sickness or disease, but a resistance to sickness and disease.

A person may feel healthy, but may have plaque building up silently in their arteries, or sugar being stored in fat cells, a pre-curser to diabetes.

Many people are unaware of their potential health risk until they are suddenly struck down with a lifestyle disease. In such an emergency they rush to the doctor, or even hospital.

At that point the patient is prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, and told that they must take for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately pharmaceutical drugs always have side-effects, despite the guarantee of safety from the manufacturers. Pharmaceutical drugs push the body further into the acidic category, and soon disaster strikes again in the form of another type of illness.

Sadly, all this could have been avoided. Having a commitment to maintaining good health, by developing and maintaining both an alkaline system and a strong immune system may have been a path to avoid such a disaster.

Food is important…

  1. major on coloured vegetables, (both raw and cooked)
  2. eat enough good protein
  3. eat plenty of good fats
  4. keep starchy carbohydrates and sugar to a minimum. (Better if you don’t wheat and sugar at all)

But there are other factors too. In fact there are at least eight principles to consider for total health.

Find out what these are by rating your own health with this questionnaire

Don’t be discouraged of you get a low score. It’s exciting to think that you are on the beginning of a journey to good health where you will feel more energetic and actually develop a taste for healthy food.

Living a healthy lifestyle builds up a credit, so if disease does knock on our door it will be sent away quickly, or have a minimal impact, because we have built up a resistance.