Could you be suffering from heavy metal toxicity?

Common symptoms:
High levels of toxic minerals, such as mercury, cadmium and lead, can cause chronic and sometimes serious illness such as: chronic fatigue, inability to lose weight, diabetes, brain fog and auto-immune disease.

Which heavy metals cause the main problems?

  • Mercury
  • Aluminium
  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Lead
  • Uranium

Heavy metals find their way to the cells, where they sit on receptor sites. This means that good minerals and hormones cannot attach themselves to the receptors in the cells. As a result we may not be able to absorb good minerals. Hormones may not be able to reach their target sites in the cell, so we could have an imbalance.


Mercury is the number one most toxic metal on our planet.
What problems could it cause?
Mental issues; fatigue; nervous system problems like anxiety, poor sleep; gastro-intestinal problems; kidney problems; hormonal imbalance; lack of absorption of essential minerals; diabetes; allergies; heart disease; chronic fatigue syndrome, auto-immune diseases; cancer.
What are the sources of mercury?

  1. Dental amalgams (metal fillings) are the number one cause. If your amalgam fillings are more than 12 years old they will almost definitely be leaking. They will also most likely be giving off toxic vapour.
  2. Vaccinations
    In the past, most vaccinations relied on mercury as a carrier (Thimerosal). There has been much controversy over using a mercury carrier for infant vaccinations, so mercury has now been replaced by aluminium, which has its own problems (see below). However mercury is still used in Hep B and flu vaccines.
  3. Food sources of mercury (Methyl mercury)
    Contamination of foods in manufacturing, e.g. corn starch. (esp. fructose corn syrup)
    Fish to avoid: shark, barramundi swordfish, gemfish, blue-finned tuna, orange roughy; generally larger, older predatory fish
    Safer fish: canned wild Alaskan salmon, sardines; generally the smaller the fish the less mercury


What problems could it cause?
Neurological (brain and nervous system); depression, anxiety
What are the sources of aluminium?
Vaccinations; industry; water


What problems could it cause?
Vascular (veins, arteries, heart); cellular health
What are the sources of aluminium?


What problems could it cause?
Kidney and musculoskeletal disorders
What are the sources of cadmium?
The main sources are the old pesticides like DDT and Dieldrin, which are now banned in Australia. HOWEVER these pesticides are still in the soil and will be there for many years to come. New estates built on old farming land / old orchards, churn up the soil and the old pesticides are carried by the wind. We breathe them in. If going overseas, be aware that these chemicals may still be used in other countries, and may be put through the air conditioning system of the plane for easy fumigation.


What problems could it cause?
Anaemia; hypertension; neurological (brain and nervous system)
What are the sources of lead?
Industrial sources

What can be done?

Your naturopath can arrange a Mineral Hair Analysis and if necessary provide supplements to clear specific heavy metals from your body.

What is Mineral Hair Analysis?

  • Testing a sample of your hair can tell us:
  • which minerals are lacking in your body
  • which minerals may be causing a toxic overload.

How much does it cost?
Cost: $115