A Recipe for Good Health

Many people believe they are healthy because they are not sick. They rarely get colds and they have never had a heart attack. But we cannot measure our health by the way we feel. A good measure of health is a slightly alkaline body system and a strong immune system.

A pH test on urine or saliva should give us a reading of between 7 and 7.5. Cancer for example, will not thrive in an alkaline body system. Arthritis and high blood pressure will also benefit from an alkaline system.

Unfortunately for our society, the modern Western diet heads more and more into the highly acidic area which results in high stress on organs, particularly the heart, and other body parts such as bones and joints. Consequently, our society is experiencing a catastrophic rise in nasty diseases and damaged parts.


How do we keep our body systems alkaline?

We need to avoid the acid-forming foods such as refined carbohydrates, (bread, cakes, biscuits, sugar, pastries, pasta, processed fried foods and sugar). When you think about sugar, don’t just think about the white stuff you might put in your coffee. Think about where it is lurking in processed foods and drinks including alcohol. White potatoes, although turn to sugar once digested, so contribute to an acid body system. So do coffee and chocolate. It’s therefore good advice to find a healthy replacement for these foods.

To maintain an alkaline system we need to major on raw coloured vegetables, especially green vegetables. Green drinks, such as wheat grass and barley grass are amazing alkalizers. So are lemons. A slice of lemon in hot water is something you can develop a taste for. Raw salad vegetables are more alkalizing than cooked vegetables, although this doesn’t mean that you can’t have some lightly cooked vegetables in your diet as well as salad.


How do we build a strong immune system?

Pretty much the same recipe. But add some immune boosting vegetables like garlic, onions and ginger to your diet. You can take supplements such as olive leaf extract and Vitamin C, but make sure the Vitamin C you take is not a chewable tablet containing artificial sweeteners.

While we’re majoring on the benefits of coloured vegetables, we must also take into consideration the modern-day problems that modern farming practices have brought about, problems such as genetic modification, sprays and fertilizers. Super phosphate grows wonderfully large vegetables devoid of minerals. The pests are attracted to these because the lack of minerals means low resistance. Then of course, the pesticides have to be applied in order to get any crop at all. So the supermarket ends up with a product that is mineral deficient and high in pesticides. The best advice for the consumer is to eat organic foods whenever possible.